We design and implement distinctively customized solutions for our clients to resolve their issues in an appropriate and efficient manner. Our restructuring team provides strategic advice, financial and operational restructuring services. We work alongside management, stakeholders and lenders to help make real improvements to cash flow, profit & loss and the corporate balance sheet.

We serve clients across a broad range of industries and situations, from underperforming businesses to those in distress

We take a hands-on approach to helping you stabilize your business and identify new opportunities to make sustainable changes to your strategy, operations and finances and help clients avoid administration, bankruptcy or other insolvency proceeding. Our restructuring advisory services include:

  • »Financial Analysis & Strategic Alternative Evaluation
  • »Restructuring of Existing Debt, Equity and other Obligations
  • »Cash,Working capital and Liquidity management
  • »Refinancing
  • »Exit strategies
  • »Out-of-court reorganizations
  • »Distressed M&A