Capital Markets

Our Capital Market team is made up of experienced workforce that have been directly/diversely involved in capital raising exercises to the tune of over N600billion (USD4.5 billion) in equity and debt capital market related transactions since 1998. Our team members have overtime developed strong expertise in originating, structuring, executing transactions involving the primary issuance of securities by institutions and Governments to raise funds for various purposes. The team's product expertise spans the breath of fixed income and equities securities issued by publicly listed and private companies, governments and supranational bodies.

Our Equity Capital Market services include the provision of independent advisory and execution support on all aspects of equity offerings including private placements, Initial Public Offer's (IPO), Global Depositary Receipt, Primary Capital Raisings (including rights issues) and Equity Linked Instruments.

Our Debt Capital Market services involve the provision of wholly independent and objective advice on all aspects of the Advisory and Implementation of the Optimal Debt solution for Corporations and Government. These include corporate and Government Bonds, Medium Term Notes (MTN), Syndicated Loans and Bridge Financing.

We proactively engage with regulatory agencies and capital market practitioners in establishing effective regulatory frameworks for the respective market.